ECOPORT is a company made up of a technical and human team with extensive experience in port, land, mining and industrial maritime operations that have developed comprehensive management services for waste generated by ships, naval devices, port facilities, maritime terminals, mining sectors and process industries. Complying with all applicable national environmental and sanitary standards that are consistent with the strategic values, policies and objectives of the company and its customers.

(Port Operations)


Consolidate ECOPORT in the main ports and cities throughout the country as a company that offers its customers a real commitment to support its port, land, mining and industrial operations with concrete, efficient and quality solutions.


Deliver to our clients all our experience in the integral management of their waste contributing with this to establish bonds of mutual trust.


  • Generate business and / or commercial agreements, profitable and high level, aimed at giving real solutions to their customers, so that they are maintained and sustained over time.

  • Develop a company committed to the highest values ​​and vision of the company, environmental care, safety, responsibility and mutual respect among its workers.

  • Offer our services in the main national ports and in all cities throughout the country. Comply with national and international regulations that are applicable to the operation of our company.


  • Professional Development: Responsibility, Quality and Efficiency in the execution of our services.

  • Our Commitment: Protection and Care of the Environment.

  • What characterizes us: Ability to respond to emergencies.

  • Our Seal: Experience and Teamwork.