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ECOPORT has all the authorizations for the correct development of its services in the main Cities and Ports throughout the country.


  • Res. Sanitaria N ° 86 del 18.01.18 - Authorizes ECOPORT SpA to carry out the activities of Removal and Transportation of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste.


  • Res. Sanitaria N ° 329 del 28.02.18 - Authorizes the operation of Temporary Storage Warehouse for Hazardous Waste generated by Ecoport and Third Parties
    (Res. Sanitaria Nº 482, del 29.03.2018), located on street Primera 225, Placilla – Valparaiso.


  • Res. Sanitaria N ° 844 del 10.06.19 – Modify Res. Nº 329, in the sense of adding to the list of Hazardous Waste to be stored: Liquid and Solid Corrosive Residues.

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